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Balu Blue Foundation: Art Collabortation with The Art By Mia- The Great Southern Reef Series

Balu Blue Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a purpose of education, research and conservation, for protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

Their mission is to create awareness and inspire protection of the natural environment and its wildlife, while also contributing to existing projects with parallel purposes.

Balu Blue focuses on primary research on wildlife species, rescue of native wildlife, and restoration of destroyed habitats. They aim to share educational material to assist in the preservation of these crucial habitats, aiming to educate and inspire sustainable and ethical living, that minimises harm to the oceans, animals, and planet as a whole.

I was privileged to be selected in 2020 by Balu Blue's Founder, Brinkley Davies, to help create an educational artwork series on Australia's Great Southern Reef.

The Great Southern Reef is a massive series of reefs that extend around Australia’s southern coastline, covering around 71,000 square kilometres from New South Wales around the southern coastline of Australia to Kalbarri in Western Australia. The reef’s main feature is its extensive kelp seaweed forests—perhaps not as colourful as tropical corals, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder: these kelp forests are some of the most productive ecosystems on the planet. They support sponges, crustaceans, fish, starfish and sea urchins, and many types of mollusc. Many species living on the Great Southern Reef—like the Weedy Seadragon are not found anywhere else on Earth.

You can find my work for Balu Blue Foundation on their instagram @balubluefoundation and on their website which now has educational, downloadable, free posters about the animals of the Great Southern Reef like the iconic Australian Sea Lion and Southern Right Whale. 

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