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Thank you for your interest in my work.

Books for custom tattoos are currently closed.

I am expecting the arrival of my first baby in July 2024 and am fully booked up until I go on maternity leave.

Keep an eye on my Instagram stories, as I will announce any updates regarding bookings there.

Whilst on maternity leave, I will still be available to do design sheet work, these are custom tattoo designs that can be taken to another tattoo artist.  (see the DESIGN SHEET section on this website for all details). 

I also have 'tattoo tickets' available! Tattoo tickets are a small fee ($30) that gives you permission to take a repeatable, pre-drawn design of mine to another artist to be tattooed.  (See the TATTOO TICKET section on this website to read more, and to view and purchase designs). 

If you have any questions about the booking process, or hand-poked tattoos in general, please see my highlight titled 'BOOKINGS' in my Instagram highlights. If you have any questions about hand -poked tattoos or the studio, please see the SUN LOFT Studio website.

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